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We are the specialist when it comes to Indoor Gardens with the biggest assortment in Europe. Of all the types of Indoor Gardens in the world, we’ve listed the most popular models for you. Every model is different so you have to think about what you’re actually looking for. Do you like cultivating in soil or in water? Under halogen light or under LED light? With the help of aeroponics or aquaponics? We hope you have an amazing shopping experience!

Indoor gardens have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. We thought it would be about time to list the most popular models for you. All indoor Gardens have in common that you can grow several types of herbs, but also tomatoes, chili’s, lettuce and even flowers, without having to pay too much attention to them. All these plants grow inside with the help of artificial light, you can grow them throughout the year, even when Winter’s raging outside or if you don’t have a garden at all. Another benefit is that you don’t need “green fingers” at all, it’s often as simple as pie.

Smart Gardens – Some indoor gardens also belong to the smart gardens category. Smart Gardens are called this way because they determine the right amount of water and the duration of light to create the perfect growing conditions, depending on what you’re growing. Smart gardens also remind you to refill water and nutrients.

AeroGarden – the very first indoor garden, also a smart garden, was developed by AeroGrow International in 2002 and originates from the United States. They called their invention the Aerogarden, they needed another 4 years of research before they dared to present it to the market. The Aerogarden accommodates 7 plants and works according to the “Plug and Grow” method. The Aerogarden is a fully automated smart garden, which means the device  determines the amount of light and water, depending on the type of plant, and it reminds you to add water or nutrients when necessary. The success of how your plants grow is largely determined by the type of artificial light you’re using in your indoor garden. The creators of the AeroGarden chose halogen light, because this lightning seems to have the  best result for growing plants. Aslo available from www.aerogardenshop.co.uk

Mocle Farm – The success of the Aerogarden became known in Asia where they subsequently introduced a cheaper version of the Aerogarden, the so called Mocle Farm. The Mocle Farm looks alike to the Aerogarden, although the price tag is much friendlier. The Mocle farm also works with a control panel which gives you the opportunity to select the type of plant you’re growing so the garden can distribute the right amount of light and water and you’ll get notified when water and nutrients are running low. With its round shapes the Mocle Farm is seen as the most stylish design by most people, although this is simply a question of personal preference and taste. A huge benefit pertaining to the Aerogarden is that you don’t need to buy refillable cups anymore.                                                                        

Smart Herb Garden – The Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden is a little different from what the name implies, it’s not a smart garden. The reason Click and Grow decided to call the product a Smart Herb Garden anyway is the type of soil the plants grow in. The soil is made with the help of special nano technologies which makes sure the roots get just the amount of oxygen they need, even when the soil’s wet. Besides that you don’t have to add nutrients in the meantime because the plant gets just enough nutrients from the soil for the entire duration of its life. Finally, the Smart Herb Garden is really special because of its LED technology, which makes the device extremely energy efficient with a usage of just 6 Watts and the lamps don’t need to be replaced every 6 months like with the Aerogarden and the Mocle Farm.

Sun Garden – The Sun Garden is adjustable in height and is different than any other indoor gardens. Instead of “cups” and the “plug and grow” system you’re expected to actually continue “sowing”. The roots don’t go all the way down to the water like the above mentioned indoor gardens, but they simply go into the soil. There’s a container with water underground, which has an ingenious watering system. Just like with an oil lamp there’s a cotton cloth soaking up water throughout the soil. This is necessary to give the plants the exact amount of water they need without using a pump. The biggest benefit of the Sun Garden is the extremely high quality LED system.

Plantui - The products of Plantui belong to the second generation of Indoor Gardens, where the AeroGarden and the Mocle Farm primarily excelled in their practical considerations, Plantui owes its success mainly to a premium design which was duly awarded with the Red Dot Design award. Obviously, the Plantui is not only a feast for the eyes, but the results are also impressive. How long it takes before you can harvest is clearly indicated per species, and also the variety of flavours is enormous i.e. as many as 41 species! The Plantui has no separate settings of the growing light and pump per plant species, but it is height adjustable by means of “height blocks”, and it has state of the art LED lighting (blue and red) and a timer (automatic on/off function) for the growing light.

The Herb booster is actually no Smart Garden and is more like a refrigerator or even a wine fridge. Sounds a little crazy doesn’t it? But after all with the Herb booster you don’t grow any herbs, but you merely ensure that the herbal plants you purchased in the supermarket or garden centre last longer. In this way you enjoy your herbal plants several months longer, and in the end whatever you cut off grows back by itself under this special lamp, also in the winter! Psst…. Also check out our Herb Hydro pots, with their ingenious wicks they ensure that you don’t have to water your plants every day. Easy, isn’t? It was a frequently asked question: “how on earth do I keep herbal plants (such as basil, parsley and mint) alive”? You can buy the products on this website. If you would like more information about how and why please check out www.herbheroes.com

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