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Plantui 6
Plantui 6 Plantui 6 Plantui 6 Plantui 6 Plantui 6 Plantui 6
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Fresh vegetables and herbs, homegrown without soil and without stress. It’s possible with the Plantui 6. With this beautiful and special ‘flying saucer’ Scandinavian design you have your own vegetable garden at home. It’s an intelligent system with the latest professional growing techniques. So a green thumb isn’t required for a great result. 

How it works
The Plantui 6 looks like an object from the future, an eye-catcher for the home. This sleek designer oval contains an extremely advanced growing system. Developed with the technology used by professional growers in greenhouses and without using soil, so very clean, fresh and hygienic. Enjoy your home-grown vegetables and herbs.

Getting started is easy. You start with the plant capsules. These are seeds in a special soil. Next you just add water to the Plantui 6, connect it to the power supply and be patient. The system is self-regulating, so it is suitable for people who are away from home a lot due to a busy job. So everyone can enjoy homegrown healthy vegetables and herbs.

Water and light
Plantui 6 uses a soil-free hydroponics system. In addition, water flows continuously through the roots, delivering all the nutrients that the plants need. The movement of the water is just like the ground water in nature. The lamp above the plants ensures the exact amount of growing light. Next they grow from seeds to seedlings and from seedlings into plants. 

The Plantui lamp distributes special light that encourages photosynthesis and optimal growth. The Plantui 3 is also height-adjustable and therefore grows with your plants. 
Before you know it, you’ll be harvesting and eating your own grown, juicy flavours. This is not only fun, but also very educational.

Plant capsules 
With the special plant capsules you can easily grow fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers in the Plantui. The capsules contain seeds as well as soil. Just the capsule and water: nothing else is needed to make them grow into juicy plants in the Plantui growth system. Choose your favourite from the wide product range. Do you prefer the familiar or the adventurous? Combine the different varieties. Please note the growth category: some plants grow faster than others. That’s why we have three categories of plant capsules, categorised by growth and flowering time. It works best if plants with the same growing time are combined. This is clearly indicated with different colours on the packaging. Each package contains three capsules. So growing your own plants is not only great fun, but also very affordable. 

Fresh herbs and vegetables in the kitchen don’t only look great, but they’re also inspiring. With the Plantui you have your own mini kitchen garden in your kitchen. So you can experience the fun of easily growing your own vegetables and herbs using the effectiveness of professional technology. For a healthy, conscious lifestyle. Start today!

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