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Who is Herbie?

Herbie is designed for all home-growers with taste: a hip, intelligent and simple ‘indoor garden’ with sleek lines, suitable for herbs, vegetables and flowers. A practical and stylish eye-catcher, in which everyone - with or without a green thumb - can easily grow their own kitchen herbs, but also lettuce or flowers. It also brightens up your interior spaces.

The design of Herbie comes from the pen of the renowned designer Mikael Ericsson from the top Swedish design studio: Top Notch. Ericsson designed Herbie exclusively for the Finnish Tregren. Now the Herbie is finally available in the Netherlands, exclusively through Indoorgardenshop.

Herbie is made from aluminium and plastic and is available in six colours: from sleek grey to fresh ‘Granny Smith’ green or spicy ‘Ferrari’ red. Great as a gift, for everyone who enjoys pure, honest food and cooking.


How does Herbie work? Herbie is a growing system for the home that gives plants ideal growing conditions. Herbie is fitted two essential ‘features’ that spoil the plants from above and below.

The special growth promoting LED lamp makes sure that herbs and leafy vegetables get extra light, precisely the light they often lack indoors and as a result of that shortage of light the leaves of the herbs fade or start to droop. Thanks to the extra light the herbs and plants grow faster and remain green and juicy.

The Active Growing System is an innovative plant growth system that is also used in large plant growth greenhouses. Now that system is also available for home use from a small series. The Active Growing System uses hydroculture, which delivers nutrients to the plant roots directly through water. In this way no soil is required for them to grow. By means of an energy-efficient pump system the water is constantly refreshed and provided with new oxygen. This also controls the temperature and keeps it constant. The perfect conditions for happy plants.

The Active Growing System used in Herbie is specifically designed for use indoors. It requires very little maintenance and is easy to use: all you have to do is occasionally add water and once every three weeks change the water and refill the reservoir with growth solvent. So your plants grow even if you’re on holiday. No green thumbs required, the Herbie can do it on its own. The Herbie starter pack comes with the growth liquid.


Getting started with Herbie - Growing your own herbs or plants is easy with Herbie. You can put in ready-made herbal plants from the supermarket that will live for a long time thanks to Herbie, or you can grow herbs yourself. It works like this:


Step 1: From Seed Pod to Germ

Home gardening with Herbie starts with the special Seed Pods, which swell upon contact with water. Put these in Herbie and the herb seeds - whatever you want, from rocket and lettuce to mint or basil - can be grown. You can find more information in Herbie’s user manual. But trust us: it’s really easy!

Step 2: Herbie at work

Within a few days, depending on the plant, the seeds will germinate. From that moment the lamp can be switched on and the growth liquid can be added. Under the lamp and with the nutrients, the seeds grow into plants and in a period of a few weeks the first herbs are ready to be harvested.

Step 3: Watch and harvest

The plants grow right under your nose. They really enjoy themselves with Herbie. With Herbie they grow three times faster than in normal conditions. The lamp and pump can always stay switched on for the herbs. If you grow your own flowers or fruit, switch off the lamp at night. If your herbs are juicy and green they’re ready to harvest: please note that the plant itself should remain intact. And make sure you don’t forget to enjoy your home-grown vegetables and herbs!

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