More indoor Gardens

More indoor Gardens

Indoor Greenhouse 2.0

A natural phenomenon in room format: the mobile indoor greenhouse is equipped with everything to blossom and thrive. Simply sow, wait and reap. At the time of purchase, you can choose from three organic seed varieties from our range, so that you can start gardening straight away.

Sun Garden

The Sun Garden is ideal for anyone who wants to grow throughout the year, without any outside space or balcony, or just want to experience an Indoor Garden. The possibilities are endless, decide for yourself what you want to grow and be amazed by the result. Due to the sleek design you can put the Sun Garden practically anywhere in the house.

Potting soil

The Sun Garden is the closest to traditional gardening. Your plants will simply grow in soil, unlike our other Indoor Gardens, which grow your plants in water. With the Sun Garden, you are also not dependent on expensive "after sales" products, you can use your own seeds and also replace your own potting soil over time.

LED and Wick

The use of LED lighting makes the Sun Garden very energy efficient with a consumption of only 40W. (Unnatural) light is a very decisive factor for the success of your plants, and because of the enormous intensity of the Sun Garden the results are astounding. The Sun Garden does not use a pump and the device is 100% silent. Through the use of a cotton thread in a container with water, the Wick, the soil in which your plants grow will always be moist. Simple and brilliant at the same time! 

Home Garden

With the Home Garden you can easily grow all kinds of herbs, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and even flowers. With two high-efficiency fluorescent lamps you can put the Home Garden anywhere in your home and you can grow with it throughout the year. Use this indoor garden to grow your plants from the beginning to the end, or just to germinate your seeds.

The adjustable hood makes it easy to put the lights at the ideal distance from your plants for optimal growth results. The maximum distance from the bottom of the container to the lights is 38 cm. The Home Garden comes with 4 reusable seed trays which you fill with potting soil and place under the lights.

Optionally, you can order a water tank which is covered with capillary matting. These mats automatically suck the water out of the reservoir, like a wick to an oil lamp. Your plants will determine this optimum amount of water that they want to use. This way, your plants will never have too much or too little water. All you have to do is keep the tank filled.

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Indoor Greenhouse 2.0
The mobile indoor greenhouse for everything that blossoms and thrives. Simply sow, wait and reap.   A well-engineered solution that ensures flourishing plant growth: the Indoor GreenHouse 2.0 has a new LED technology that produces light similar to sunlight - with impressive figures - the SUNLIGHT-LED TECHNOLOGY. The operating time is approx. 50,000 hours; the consump..
Ex Tax: 321.49€
LED kweekbak voor kruiden
With this LED herbal propagator, you can easily grow herbs all year round yourself and are no longer dependent on the sun. Do you think the sun will shine today? No. With the integrated LED growth lamp you can grow 365 days a year because it is specially designed for indoor growth of all kinds of plants. You can either choose to grow your own herbs from seeds, or keep herbs bou..
Ex Tax: 57.81€
Sun Garden
The Sun Garden differs in two areas from all other Indoor Gardens. Firstly, the Sun Garden has a very sophisticated and patented LED lighting system which makes for very good growing conditions and low power consumption (40 watts). Secondly, the Sun Garden does not use a pump but "Wick Technology" for watering. Through a cotton cloth that is permanently in contact with a contai..
Ex Tax: 165.25€
Home Garden
The Home Garden is also perfect for winter months, when you cannot get enough of growing your own herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, or you name it. Using two high efficiency 24W fluorescent bulbs you can grow sturdy, upright plants in perfect conditions. This kit has a beautiful black finish and can be easily placed on the kitchen table or on the kitchen counter. The lights..
Ex Tax: 107.40€
24 Watt fluorescent lamp
This 24 watt fluorescent lamp for the Home Garden can be ordered separately as a spare part. The number of operating hours is around 10,000 hours and features a bright light which is very energy efficient. Features: • 10,000 light hours • Length lamp: 55 cm • 6500 Kelvin (optimum light spectrum for plant growth) ..
Ex Tax: 16.49€
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