Let your plants blossom with the technology of Parus

Would you like your plants to really grow well? Have flowers and juicy fruit more often? 
Or have you neglected your beloved plant friends somewhat? Give them some support in the form of some extra light. 

Professional growing lamps for home use
The iSUN and Mini farm of Parus Plant Light are great growing lamps for home use that give your plants exactly the light they need. Thousands of plant growers around the world work with the technology and lamps of Parus and now this professional technology is also available for home use. In a wonderful design. Grow lamps that are scientifically proven effective. 

Growing and blossoming
Many plants don’t do too well indoors. In the Netherlands they lack a lot of summer sun most months of the year. The rays of light that they use create extra chlorophyll. The iSUN and the Minifarm are the sunshine in the life of your plants. Your herbs, vegetable plants, lettuce, flowers and indoor plants blossom in the light of these advanced growing lamps. Yet they are very easy to use.

Mini Farm and iSUN
With the trendy Mini Farm growing station you grow your herbs, lettuce or plants, or you give existing herbs and other plants the ideal living conditions.
The iSUN Pole gives each plant its spotlight to grow and to blossom. This is perfect for indoor plants and large herbs or vegetables. The foot of this cheerful LED-lamp is height-adjustable, so it grows with your plant. It can go up to 80 centimetres. For cheerful green on every imaginable spot in your home or office.

Juicy tomatoes and chubby indoor plants
With the plant growing lamps of Parus you get a professional growing lamp in your home. Finally they are now available in the Netherlands. For a great result: many more flowers, all year round juicy tomatoes or strawberries, tasteful herbs, tender lettuce and chubby indoor plants with a lot of great chlorophyll. Your plants will be happy. And you too!

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Isun pole
Each plant its very own little sun Good to know: the more plants you have in your working or living area, the healthier the air quality. And plants have a soothing effect. In short: time to get more green from outside to inside! But plants do not grow equally well in each spot. Your beloved plants have a harder time in dark corners. Your own little sun indoors There is a..
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Mini Farm M30
A juicy kitchen garden in your house Do you also like to eat fresh, tasty and healthy? But have you noticed that it is quite hard to grow vegetables, fruit or herbs indoors? This is because they get too little light.  With the Mini Farm you can grow herbs, lettuce and (edible) flowers at home. With astonishing results. Kitchen garden in your home Would you like to ..
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iSUN Intelligent Multi Controller
Ex Tax: 61.94€
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