Smart Herb Garden

Smart Herb Garden
Smart Herb Garden Smart Herb Garden Smart Herb Garden Smart Herb Garden Smart Herb Garden Smart Herb Garden Smart Herb Garden Smart Herb Garden
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Smart Herb Garden

With Smart Herb garden you can easily grow different types of herbs, but also tomatoes and peppers. Simply fill the tank with water and plug it in, the Smart Herb Garden takes care of the rest. The technology of the Smart Herb Garden is very simple; the device determines the amount of light and therefore has no on / off button. The Smart Herb Garden does not use a pump, but a cotton wick (like the Sun garden) and the device is 100% silent.  

Led Technology 

The Smart Herb Garden, with its innovative LED technology, is very energy efficient with a consumption of 6 watts. Annually, this amounts to only 4-5 euro in energy costs. Traditional LED lighting ensures that your plants look unnatural and may be harmful for children to look at. The Click and Grow lights are designed so that the light does not interfere, nor is it harmful to look at.   

Smart Herb Garden "Cups" 

What makes the Smart Herb Garden even more distinctive from other Indoor Gardens is the special "smart floor" used. Using nanotechnology Click and Grow has developed a soil with air holes, to guarantee optimal growth even when the ground is wet. Additionally, the ground exactly gives off enough nutrients, depending on the plant’s need throughout the whole cycle of growth. For more information, see the figure below.  

"Our experience":

The Smart Herb Garden comes in a fantastic package with pretty pictures which makes it extra fun to give as a gift. Once extracted you also don’t need a manual because the product comes pretty much assembled. The "Cups" are delivered in separate boxes and are fairly easy to install. Write on the label what plants you are growing and when you have them planted, fill the tank with water, plug it in and you're really ready.


However, consider carefully what you want to use the Smart Herb Garden for and make no mistake with the dimensions. With 30 x 12 x 29 cm (maximum height) it is the smallest indoor garden from the range. Ideal to grow (3) small plants with it but do not expect that you can eat from it every day. We did find it perfect to grow herbs in and it takes up very little space. Also, it looks really nice.



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