Urban Cultivator Residential

Urban Cultivator Residential
Urban Cultivator Residential Urban Cultivator Residential Urban Cultivator Residential Urban Cultivator Residential
Brand: Urban Cultivator
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For even more information, images and video's we recommend you to visit the manufacturers website: www.urbancultivator.net

Urban Cultivator Residential

The Urban Residential Cultivator is for everyone for whom the AeroGarden or any of our other tabletop Indoor Gardens is not big enough. Shortly put, with the Urban Cultivator you buy your own vegetable garden which allows you to grow fresh herbs and (micro) vegetables in a jiffy, but indoors. Never before has it been so easy to cook healthy and delicious meals with ingredients you have grown yourself. The Urban Cultivator Residential allows for this to happen.

The Urban Residential Cultivator, also known under the more common name Kitchen Cultivator is a household appliance that aids your desire to finally live a healthier life. Real and pure food, in your own kitchen. It is also a sustainable solution because it helps you to prevent throwing away half of your fridge contents by the end of the week.  Not to mention the money saved.


Minimum effort, maximum results: 

The Kitchen Cultivator is a completely self-sustaining household appliance. The light exposure is automated, as well as the water supply. The system can be linked up directly to your water supply. Because the air circulation is arranged in the Kitchen Cultivator a perfect climate prevails. Better conditions are simply not possible. It takes just a few minutes to plant your seeds and then you will spend just minutes every week pruning. Growing vegetables has never been easier.

In size, the Kitchen Cultivator is similar to a dishwasher. You will find space for it in your kitchen effortlessly. The parallel with the dishwasher ends though when it comes to energy consumption; the Kitchen Cultivator consumes considerably less power. The device consumes only 208 kWh, which is less than a standard microwave annually. As with any other appliance in your kitchen you plug it in the socket to use it. All you need to do each week is to add nutrients. The Kitchen Cultivator includes a built-in warning system through which a light comes on when you actually need to inject the nutrients. So you do not have to think about anything yourself, the Kitchen Cultivator does that for you, after all. 

Always fresh:

So, you are looking for a more healthy interpretation of your life? Is the freshness of the ingredients you use a requirement? Do you attach importance to organic and sustainable products that you add to the dishes you prepare every day? And all at your fingertips? Then the Kitchen Cultivator is a must have for you!


The Urban Cultivator Residential is Perfect For:

  • Home gardening enthusiasts
  • Growing hard to find greens
  • Anyone who loves fresh food
  • Chefs who need fresh micro-greens
  • Interior designers
  • Anyone looking for health benefits







For the Urban Cultivator we are the official importer in Europe. For more information, photos and movies on:  www.urbancultivator.net


Watch the Urban Cultivator Residential Demo: 

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